Top 7 amazing google tricks that you never know 2017

Hello friends, welcome to the very first post of the whatthefact. In this post we will cover the interesting and amazing google tricks.

All of you may know and use google everyday. Do you know there is lot more you can do than just a search? Well, there are some cool tricks about google you may never know. Some of these tricks are for fun and some tricks are very useful. So let’s have a look on them.

Top 7 Amazing google tricks


1) Do a barrel Roll

Just go to google and type ‘do barrel roll’ in search bar and hit enter. Wow, you can see you computer/ mobile browser screen will do a barrel rotation.

Amazing google tricks

2) Google Gravity

Just go to the Google and type ‘google gravity’ and click on i am feeling lucky button. Guess what , all elements of google home page will fall down. You can drag them up and release , you can see they will fall down towards the Gravity. This is something really cool.

Well, you can still type in the search box, and click on the search button.

How to get google Gravity in mobile?

Well that’s a serious questions , actually it’s not , guys it’s a super easy , just hold your phone in landscape mode and type google Gravity in chrome browser and click i am feeling lucky button. As simple as that.

Amazing google tricks

3) zerg rush

If you got bored by doing lots of work on computer, well google is here to relief your stress . Just enter ‘zerg rush’ in search bar and hit enter. You can see the small balls destroying you search results. Yup, that’s a game, you habe to aim  and click with you mouse to finish them . Just give attention , they are coming from down also.

4) play breakout on google

This is one of the best amazing google tricks that I like and it’s a game again. A well known classic game. Just search ‘play breakout on google’ and hit enter. Wow, amazing , all elements will turn out to be bricks and you have to break them to win. Cool 🙂.

Amazing google tricks

5) Google sphere

This is something that I really like. Just enter google sphere and hit enter. Amazing , all elements will align themselves to make a sphere and will turn as you control it with mouse.

6) google pacman

Jus type google pacman and hit enter, the famous and legendary game pacman will appear on the screen .

Amazing google tricks

7) google guitar

You can play guitar on the Google. Just type google guitar and hit enter, you can play guitar cords with mouse.
So guys, do you like these amazing google tricks and how amazing google is? Throw your comments below….

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