Top 10 new iOS 11 Features – Apple New OS released

Top 10 new iOS 11 Features – Hello friends, Apple has just announced their new gadgets in, devices and new version operating system in WWDC 2017. Apple’s New OS version iOS 11 is now available for developers and will be available to public after some time.Apple might launch iOS 11 with new iPhone 8.

Apple has implemented bunch of new features in new iOS 11 version. While some features are improved over last update iOS 10. In this post , I will share Top 10 iOS 11 features. So let’s directly head to the list.

Top 10 new iOS 11 features

1. New – Screen reading Feature

Now your iPhone will read whats on your screen and give you a relevant suggestions. This feature as same as Android Now on Tap , which you can even Translate the selected text on Screen , all using Siri.


2. Improved – Notification Center

New notification centre on iOS 11 is completely different. Swiping down on the screen will now open notification screen with active notifications. Swiping up on notification center will open old notifications. Also swiping left will open widget screen as it alwayd did. However, swiping right will now open camera app. You can dismiss notification center with just tapping on home button.


3. New – Better Image quality and Better Image Compression

image compression in iOS 11 becomes even better. Now I will take upto half of you space than the devices on iOS 10. That means images are compressed upto 2X. This feature will help you to store more photos on you iphone. Apart from this camera performance is also improved with image quality, low light performance, HDR, etc.


4. New – Messaging App , Massages sync across all platforms ( iphone,ipad and Mac)

Massaging app on iOS 11 is completely redesigned. There are two new screen effects as send wit spotlight and send with echo. Your messages will now sync to all you device including iPhone, iPad and Mac. Even storage space required for these backups will also be very less.

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5. New – Screen Recording

Apple now finally implemented native support to screen recording! This feature is hidden by default. To enable this you can open control panel settings and add screen recording feature.Now tapping on Record button on control panel will start recording and again tapping will stop recording.


6. New – Do not disturb Mode while Driving

Your iPhone becomes very smart now while you are driving. Devices on iOS 11 will automatically detect if you are driving a car. Phone will remain not display any notification in that period. However, if you seat in Back seat or co-driver seat, then iPhone will run normally. Cool right!


7. New – Fun effects on Live Photos

Live photos feature in iPhone is awesome feature. Now it will become much fun when you add fun effects on Live Photos. Apart from that you can choose any frame as main photo from a live photo.


8. Improved – Control Center

The Control center in iOS 11 is now completely revamped. It looks bit cluttered to be honest, But some features are good. Brightness and volume slider looks good and very smooth. 3D touch on each section will open additional functionality though.


9. New – QR code support to camera

All new iOS 11 brings native QR Code support to camera app. You can simply point your camera to QR code and iphone will recognise it. If it’s URL then camera will simply notify you to open it in Safari browser.


10. Improved – App store

The new app store is now completely redesigned in iOS 11! App now categorized in apps , games ,etc section. The new App store will give you new cards based on your interests like app of day, game of the day. These card will be updated every day and new cards will be shown each time you launch app store.


I hope you liked our list of top 10 new iOS 11 features. Do comment below your views!

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