10 Useful Websites on Internet that you should know

10 Useful Websites on Internet that you should know : hello friends, there are lot of sites on internet that are useful for our daily life. in this article we have listed top 10 useful websites on internet that you should know about. so lets directly head to the list.


10 Useful Websites on Internet that you should know

1. manualslib.com

useful websites on internet

This website is useful to download manual of any product you purchased. If you are searching the manual of fridge, tv, ac, etc this website is useful for you.


2. justdelete.me

useful websites on internet

This website is most useful for those who use internet more and those who create many accounts on different website. If you want to delete your account from any website for any particular reason , you can delete this with justdelete website. This Website also shows difficulty of deleting process. Site has around 350 pula sites listed.


3. zamzar.com

useful websites on internet

zamzar is the website is the file conversion tool that allows to convert file in any format. Zamzar supports over 1200 conversions. Any video, audio, eBook,image, and lot more can be converted using this site.


4. printfriendly.com

useful websites on internet

If you are reading some study material on Internet and you want to print it, normal print function just prints all webpage with images and unnecessary hyperlinks. printfriendly formats this content to readable project friendly page that you can easily print. You just have to paste the content link that you want to print.

5. disposablewebpage.com

useful websites on internet

If you want to create a webpage that contains your wedding invitation, your portfolio , but you want it should be temporary then this website is right for you.



6. newsmap.jp


Newsmap is news website that displays news in blocks with latest android material design feature. You can filter news with your country and gener. Trending news displayed in big blocks and block size decreases with less trending news.


7. twofoods.com

useful websites on internet

Twofoods just compare two foods with calories, carbohydrates,fat and protien. If you want to eat healthy food between two foods then just compare with this site.


8. pdfmerge.com

useful websites on internet

Pdfmerger is useful when you want to combine two different pdf file in one file. It will merge different pdf and create single pdf file.



9. spreeder.com

useful websites on internet

spreeder helps to increase your reading speed. Just paste any text you want to read , site will show it , word by word with speed you selected. For e.g. if you set speed at 300 wpm then site will display 300 words per minute. You can gradually increase your speed as you learn to read fastly.


10. slideshare.net

useful websites on internet

Slideshare is helpful for college students for project. You can search any topic here and download the project that you can refer for your project. It can also be helpful for management employees that want to present some ideas to their seniors.


Hope you found these websites useful and like our 10 Useful Websites on Internet. Do you using some another website that is useful? Comment down below, we will try to add in the list.


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